The X-Stream Freshwater rod has been in the pipeline for a few years now. I wanted to bring something to the table that is more focused towards the freshwater, kayak scene. The X-Stream is just that. At 5’6” long and 1-2kg, this is a small, lightweight rod that packs a punch. 

It’s slow taper is designed for the soft mouths of Redfin and Trout, but once hooked up this rod is all action stations. Even the wildest head shakes are absorbed. After the fight, you have the fish at the bank. This rod still has the power to land some decent size fish. We have tested it deadlifting 2kg and she still had more to go.

What’s the specs? Here they are:

Length: 5’6”, 2 piece

Weight: 1-2kg

Lure weight: 1-8g (3g optimal)

Guides: Stainless Steel frame, Silicone Carbide Ceramic rings. (Freshwater recommended)

Case: Fabric bag, Hard outer tube style case.


X-Stream Freshwater 5’6” 1-2kg

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