Seeing red... From a Trout's perspective.

Chris McCredden

Why the colour red is my favorite when targeting Trout.

The influence of the color red on the behavior of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout  is significant due to their distinct visual capabilities and ecological adaptations.

Red, being a highly visible color in the upper water column, often attracts the attention of both Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. However, the response and behavioral effects can differ between these species. Rainbow Trout typically exhibit a higher sensitivity to red wavelengths compared to Brown Trout. This heightened sensitivity can cause them to display increased curiosity or aggression towards red-colored objects or bait. 

For Rainbow Trout, red objects may evoke feeding responses, as they associate this color with prey like small crustaceans or aquatic insects. Fishermen often use red colored lures or baits to attract Rainbow Trout due to this inclination.

On the other hand, Brown Trout are known for their wariness and cautious behavior. Instead, their response to red might be more subtle and context-dependent. In some cases, they may show interest in red objects, especially if these objects resemble potential food sources.

The perception of red in these trout species is intertwined with their natural environment and feeding behaviors. Factors such as water clarity, light conditions, and the availability of natural food sources also influence their responses to the color red. Additionally, individual variability within the species can lead to different reactions to red stimuli.

Understanding the behavioral responses to red coloration in Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout can aid anglers and researchers in developing effective fishing techniques, studying fish behavior, and designing artificial baits that cater to the preferences and behaviors of these species.